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Exploring the Impact of AI on Creativity: Job Killer or New Frontier

One of the hottest topics in UK creative circles at the moment is the impact of AI on creativity, and how this will affect careers in the sector moving forward. Are we on the edge of a cliff, ready for a mighty fall, or about to take flight to an exciting new future?

We note with interest that the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has just launched an inquiry into AI and the music industry, and invited the public to submit evidence by March 15. This will be addressing important issues like whether artists should be able to refuse permission for their music to be used to train AI systems.

At AllCreative, we believe that similar reviews can and should be conducted into other creative sectors to ensure that the convergence of technology and human creativity happens in a way that raises standards and creates new growth opportunities, rather than encouraging mediocrity and ‘good enough’ outputs.

Like many creatives, we have been experimenting ourselves with creative AI tools like MidJourney, Adobe Firefly, and the newly introduced text-to-video technology, Sora. We are gaining a better understanding of what they can already do well, and what limitations still apply. As these AI technologies evolve rapidly, it is crucial not only to learn how to use them, but also to understand their implications.

There is no doubt that AI will have a major impact on the creative industries over the years ahead. There will undoubtedly be some creative job roles, which will cease to exist in the near future. But others will certainly emerge creating exciting new opportunities, and taking us forward to the next generation, as creativity and technology continue to converge.