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Our Ambition

Introducing AllCreative: our ambition is to be your online learning companion, meticulously crafted to guide young creatives in exploring and pursuing their passions. This invaluable resource, offered completely free of charge, brings together insights and first-hand experiences from both young and seasoned creative professionals who are eager to mentor the next generation. Join us on this journey of discovery and empowerment as we strive to inspire and support your creative endeavours!

Who we are

AllCreative is the brainchild of Paul Brazier, who brings a wealth of experience as the former Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of one of the UK’s largest advertising agencies. Serving as President of D&AD in 2009-10 and co-founding CoEX London, a leading creative consultancy specializing in breakthrough thinking, Paul is deeply immersed in the world of creativity and innovation. His involvement in BAFTA further underscores his dedication to the arts and entertainment industry.

What we offer

The AllCreative website covers a wide range of creative fields, including Advertising, Architecture, Art/Culture, Crafts, Culinary Arts, Design, Fashion, Technology/Games, Music, Photography, and Stage/Theatre. Our content aims for inclusivity, featuring both established and emerging talents to provide a well-rounded and relatable experience for young creatives.

Each category is explored by senior figureheads who offer insights and sometimes explain specific jobs. As the platform evolves, each category will also feature young creatives just starting out and discussions about specific topics.


During Paul Brazier's tenure as D&AD President in 2009, he gained profound insights into the UK's creative landscape, realizing that the recognized work merely scratched the surface. This led him to ponder the extensive range of creative output and specialized roles across all sectors.

Headshot of Paul, Founder of AllCreative

Questions arose about how aspiring students could discover these professions, how parents could learn about opportunities for their children, and how individuals could explore careers within the creative industries. Engaging with schools and universities nationwide, Paul discovered numerous passionate professionals delivering talks on their specialties. The idea emerged to capture these discussions in short films, expanding their reach and providing a glimpse into the working environments of these creative experts.

Facts & Figures

The creative industries in Britain are indispensable, contributing £116bn in GVA in 2019 and growing twice as fast as the overall UK economy from 2011 to 2019. In 2019, micro-businesses made up 95% of creative companies, accounting for over one in eight UK businesses (11.8%) (DCMS 2021). 

Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the sector outpaced the economy, achieving a 6.9% growth by September 2022. With 2.3 million employed, including 1.62 million in permanent roles, the creative sector presents abundant graduate opportunities, particularly in thriving fields like gaming and computer services. The role of creativity in business is pivotal for Britain's success.

Sources: Various, including DCMS and Prospect

Thank yous

Thanks to the AllCreative Community for their warmth, energy, and support, including friends, contacts, experts, and organizations who generously contributed their time and resources. Special thanks to all participants in the AllCreative films, as well as Andrew Pinkess @CoEX London for relaunch support, George Perry for website relaunch, and Campbell Hay for the original version. Gratitude to Jonathan Barnbrook for the brand identity design, and to Yvonne Chalkley for facilitating high-quality video production. Credits for all contributors are listed at the end of each film.