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Dive into the dynamic world of 3D Design, where your creativity crafts the future. Every object you touch bears the mark of design, whether good or poor. Envision being the mastermind behind positive innovations that shape our world. Designers seamlessly intertwine art, science, and technology, navigating challenges from initial concepts to tangible prototypes. Explore varied roles, including industrial and product design, or the more artistic realms of furniture and automotive design. Uncover your passion, and step into the thrilling realm of 3D Design.

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Edward Barber

Industrial Designer

Edward Barber, co-founder of Barber Osgerby in 1996, leads a renowned industrial design studio. Renowned for diverse creations spanning interiors, furniture, lighting, and product design, he's a Royal Designer for Industry. His legacy shines globally, with works in collections like the V&A and the Olympic Museum. Barber Osgerby's portfolio includes collaborations with prestigious brands and iconic projects, like the London 2012 Olympic torch and the design for the £2 coin commemorating the 150th anniversary of the London Underground.

Jonathan Barnbrook

Graphic Designer

Jonathan Barnbrook, the visionary graphic designer, has carved an influential presence in the creative landscape. His artistic journey, defined by innovation and thought-provoking design, has left an enduring impact. Known for pushing boundaries in graphic design, Barnbrook's studio portfolio encompasses diverse projects, ranging from album covers for David Bowie to the creation of the AllCreative logo. His accolades include prestigious recognition and participation in global exhibitions, solidifying his status as a luminary in the realm of visual communication.