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Embark on a thrilling film and TV career. Immerse yourself into British filmmaking's celebrated legacy, honoured at BAFTA and globally recognised at the Oscars. Discover the skills of directors, cinematographers, costume designers, and art directors, or explore the magic of special effects. Investigate behind-the-scenes roles such as camera operators, sound mixers, and editors, crucial to production. Your journey promises excitement, creativity, and the chance to be part of a global legacy.

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Nick Park, CBE

Director & Animator

Nick Park, co-founder of Aardman Animations, is renowned for his iconic animated films. With numerous Academy Awards, his distinct style blends humour and heart, captivating audiences with imaginative storytelling and groundbreaking stop-motion. Meticulous craftsmanship shines in creations like “Wallace and Gromit,” known for charming characters and whimsical humour. Park’s attention to detail and expressive design distinguish his work, earning widespread acclaim and numerous awards, highlighting his dedication to animation’s artistry.